Nothing but Navy for November

Happy November!! Not sure how that can possibly be so, but I'm excited for what this month is going to bring. Always an opportunity to create new goals, embrace Autumn in full swing, and prepare for Holiday Season just around the next corner.

I always talk about color on my blog, and how it's a simple way to stay with the trends. Well, it just happens that one of my very favorite colors to wear, style, and incorporate in my home decor is all the talk for the fall and winter months: Navy Peony.

Navy is such a classic, reliable, favorite color of mine. It instantly gives you a sophisticated look, while incorporating the warm hues that come with these chillier seasons. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, and truth.

The jewelry that I wear every single day includes a light Navy topaz stone. It goes with whatever outfit I am wearing at the moment. I love wearing a color on my wrist and hands every day that represents such meaningful, and powerful


Aside from my jewelry and clothing, I also get to go home to a bedroom accented with Navy. It keeps my space looking neat, yet bold. I found it to be the perfect throw color for my cozy room here at school.

I challenge you this month to incorporate more Navy into your wardrobe this month. Not only will you be wearing the hottest, and trendiest color right now, but you will give yourself the opportunity to sport a sophisticated and classy look simply by choosing this color. Start with accessories, shoes, or a bag, and go from there. Or, chose a Navy dress for your next big occasion.

This post is in collaboration with Beauty x Bracelet's: Color Your World to showcase the color of the month based on the vibe and season. Head to their publication some more posts on the color Navy Peony, and be to sure to check out their amazing and unique bracelets.

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