Making Makeup an Accesory

The mere mention of “blue eyeshadow” can typically spur visions of famous characters such as Liz Taylor as Cleopatra, to Endora of the TV show “Bewithed" (Samantha Steven’s mother), and even Mimi Bobeck of the “Drew Carey Show.” One may even recall a time where blue eyeshadow was something they too wore in previous years. Personally, I think it is time we change our perspective of blue eyeshadow from something that may feel ‘dated’ to something that can compliment and modernize a classic look.

Inspired by the colorful Pat McGrath, I took this month’s Pantone color of Navy Peony and and set my intentions to do just that. On Dominika, I saturated her eye in a darker navy liquid shadow to establish the bold graphic shape of her lid. From there, I brightened it with a medium-toned blue, laying the powder shadow atop the (now dried) liquid shadow. In order not to overwhelm the eye, I kept the lower liner dark and towards the outer corner of the eyes, while illuminating the inner corner with just a touch of the brighter blue shadow. Overall modernizing a classic and sophisticated look.

makeup: Jan Murphy IG @janmurphy_makeup

hair: Mallory Zenner IG @malloryz

photographer: Brandi Grooms IG @brandigroomsphotography

model: Dominika Morrow (IG @domimorrow) for Barbizon of Red Bank (IG @barbizonredbank)

#janmurphymakeup #november17 #navypeony #pantone

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