Warm up your wrists with Brown Aventurine!

As the temps cool down and the warm sweaters come out, the best way to keep your wrists warm is with an Oriana Lamarca armparty! Brown Aventurine is a "must have" for fall. Its adds warmth to any armparty instantly whether prefer darker colors or are looking to tone down your bolder summer armcandy. Brown Aventurine is also a strong healing stone known to stimulate red blood cell production enhancing blood flow and providing balance in your immune system.

Here are some different armparties to take you from summer to fall instantly!

Brown Aventurine is the perfect addition to our

5th Avenue Armparty - $268

A great everyday armparty to wear with denim as the lapis and aquamarine pair beautifully with the brown aventurine!

There's no right or wrong! Mix your classic black and white arm candy with some warmer tones like peach jade and brown aventurine for classic, neutral armparty!

One of my favorites to transition from summer to fall is the

Fall into Summer Armparty - $226

The perfect fall addition for your Rosé All Day armparty!

Sandy Sea Armparty - $170

Green Garnet Armparty #3 - $177

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