White is Fresh & Clean!

August 1, 2017




Nothing reminds me of freshness and  crispiness more then the color white…. white is pure, white is fresh, white is clean.



White linen breathes in the summer heat, giving casual luxury to create both elegance and comfort to nurture and calm the senses. Linen towels not only they are super absorbent,  they are also a natural exfoliator for your skin, and dries quick.


                 Linen absorbs its weight in water therefore making it the ideal textile for the summer!




White is the color of The orange blossom!



In the many orange groves of Sicily, this fragrant pure white flower, with its clean, crisp citrus aroma, blooms on the orange trees. 


This  beautiful white flower with its velvety petals fills the summer evenings with its delicious aroma.



 ZAGARA,  the signature fragrance candle by Zagara Home, The signature white color carried throughout the line is reminiscent of the velvety white petals of an orange blossom flower, ZAGARA's namesake takes its name the Italian name of the orange blossom.  



The candle smells like orange blossoms and thus, like Sicily itself.  When you light this candle on a summer evening you let the smells and soul of Sicily into your home.






Imagine yourself in Italy during the spring or summer when the blooms are at their fullest flowering or during the winter, when the oranges are being harvested.


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