Primrose Yellow

We just can’t stop squeezing the juices from awesome color that makes us think about so many things for a, summer wedding. But as a Bridal Beauty Company, this month we want to really focus on a few tips + tricks to gear up for our Summer Brides. The rich vibrant radiant color is such a popular + enhancing shade for brides gearing up for their “I DO’s” this time of year but we've come to the rescue with a list of our favorite beauty-saving techniques.

1. Curls and sculpted up-do’s often don't well in hot + humid weather, so go for sleeker hairstyles such as a pulled-back chignon or low ponytail. Hairstyles with height just aren’t going to look good for long in hot summer weather.

2. If your hair is looking greasy, try spraying a little dry shampoo on your roots. Dry shampoo is also great for giving your hair more volume and hold, whether you’re wearing your hair down or up. Our favorite: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

3. Pack blotting papers and powder. elimate your nose and forehead shine by including plenty of blotting papers and powder in your purse or emergency kit!

4. Waterproof makeup is your friend here. While it can be too extreme for every day, when it comes to your wedding look for waterproof mascara and eyeliner to help keep smudges to a minimum.

5. Keep accessories in mind. If you have super curly hair that has a habit of doing whatever it wants, keep it in place with a beautiful flower or clip. If your hair is dryer and duller than you expected, hit it with some shine serum and put it under a delicate veil

6. When it comes to your lips, go for a layered approach. Start with a lip stain, that way even if your other layers wear off you’ve still got a bit of color. Then follow up by dabbing on lipstick, instead of your usual swipe with the tube, using either a lip brush or a patting motion with the tube itself to help pack on the color.

While we know we can bring in the fresh shades and tones of a “endorphin'” inspired color into any wedding, aren’t beauty tips so much better?!


Amanda & Jessica

#beautyandthebride #primroseyellow #june17 #pantone

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