Get ready for summer with serenity

May’s Pantone color is Serenity Blue. SB was paired with Rose Quartz in 2016 to balance masculine and feminine as well as cool and warm tones.

Serenity Blue embraces calm and tranquil emotion and brings us into summer coolness.

Serenity Blue inspires harmony and a feel of relaxation and quiet. A soothing color that is great for a meditation space or a bath area.

A true color of the summer season. Think of the ocean and the blue sky and the calming sea breeze. Ideal for someone with a cool yet soft appearance.

The color message of SB is of harmony, honesty, quiet and creativity. Think of a mediation coach, a marriage counselor or someone who works with the arts or with children.

This person makes you feel relaxed and is trusting.

Pair with light pinks to balance cool and warm, with white to add crispness or deeper shades of blue for depth as well as other pastels for summer playfulness. A true neutral…blue can be paired with many other hues to add softness.

Cat Garruto

Image Consultant & Color Specialist

Owner/Buyer of Shop Pray Love

#may17 #pantone #serenity #shoppraylove

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