Reduce Wrinkles and Reinforce Strong Bones with Radiant Orchid

April 1, 2017


Are you looking to improve your overall health and love vibrant colors? Well then feast our eyes on this  "radiant orchid" food,  Red Cabbage.
The benefits of red cabbage include prevention and aid in rapid aging of the skin and organs, reducing the possibilities of cancer, improved vision, weight loss, immune system boost, and also to reinforce stronger bones. The red cabbage also helps to detoxify the body, lower your chances for diabetes and fosters a healthy functioning heart. Red cabbage has also been linked to helping slow down the development of onset Alzheimer's, and treat ulcers. Red cabbage can bring color, crunch and total freshness to any dish, including a slaw or to place on top of tacos! 

+note: please consult your Physician if you have a thyroid condition and/or pregnant before trying this food. 

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