Greenery To Color Correct!

February 28, 2017






Photo Cred:  Brandi Grooms Photography

Hair: Mallory Zenner

Model: Gianna Guzzo / Barbizon Red Bank


Incorporating green into your makeup routine may be more obvious than you think.  Using a green color corrector to treat redness will help in giving you the appearance of flawless skin.  A quick lesson in color theory will give you the confidence to treat your redness correctly.  Green is opposite red on the color wheel, therefor when applying a green corrector directly to reddened areas the green neutralizes that redness.  There are a few necessary factors to remember.  First, the green corrector should only be applied where there is redness, otherwise you run the risk of actually “looking a little green.”  Picking the correct shade of green to apply is paramount in obtaining a flawless look.  The green should match the tone of your overall face, not the reddened area.  For example, if you have light skin, select a green that's very light and pale, more of a yellow-green.  If your skin is darker, select a deeper green that has less yellow in appearance.  It is helpful to remember that you are not concealing but simply blocking the redness and neutralizing the color of the skin in that area.  A little goes a long way! For the best results, apply in a thin layer so it does not add unwanted texture to the skin and looks natural in appearance.


On Gianna, I spent time correcting, in a sheer layer, the redness found in her fair skin and then applying IT Cosmetics CC Cream as a foundation.  For those who do not know, ’CC” stands for color correction.  Personally I have not found many CC creams successful in what they claim to do EXCEPT for this one product.  The only negative being that there is not a wide range of choices in skin tones, you may end up having to mix two together to get your desired shade.   From there, I went all out with a green smokey eye, placing a lighter tone in the center of the eye to highlight and give dimension to the lid while blending the inner and outer corners to a deeper shade of green.  Flawless and undeniably sexy!

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