The color of Marsala stands for complete sophistication when we intermix a beautiful bride and the strong color of passion and power.
Whether it’s a bride who comes to us with a gorgeous “Marsala” hair colored canvas to work with to create a timeless style for her to walk down the aisle; or a classic yet bold bride, who chooses to rock so much more than a “basic” red lip on the day of her wedding; there is a certain aspect of ambiance and confidence that comes with this color.
As a Bridal Company, Beauty and the Bride gets to experience countless ideas and concepts when it comes to color schemes and color inspirations. As woman, we all know how it feels to put on a pair of high heels and immediately feel that, “I can conquer the world in these shoes” mantra.
It’s poise.
When we see our bridesmaids, brides, mother of the brides, or even flower girls dressed in a color of pure strength like Marsala, we watch a level of confidence transform right before our eyes! Imagine if we could keep that with us all the time….. With Orianalamarca’s ever so gorgeous #armcandy, you can! Whether you are heading to a girl’s night out, a first date, or a walk down the aisle, we know that a splash, or a tidal wave of this significant color could take your Power; Strength; Sophistication; and Confidence from zero to a hundred in a matter of seconds!

#marsala #beautyandthebride

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